Hey! I'm Charlie Duong, I'm a software engineer and researcher.

I study CS and Math @ Brown University

I'm broadly interested in AI/ML and applied math

Thanks for checking out my corner of the internet :)

Charlie Duong

Charlie Duong

Welcome to my website!

My name is Charlie Duong and I'm a CS and Math major at Brown University from Annandale, Virginia.

I'm interested in AI/ML, full stack development, probability & statistics, and pure mathematics.

On the side, I lift weights, swim, stack colorful blocks, go to concerts and raves, explore cities, and meet new people.

I'm currently working on Cloud GPUs @ Tensordock, ML research @ Brown, TAing a machine learning class, and writing on my blog.

I'm also currently in the nice quaint town of Providence, Rhode Island.

Learn more about me or read some of my blogs or email me at charles_duong@brown.edu

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